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A Guide to Getting Workers’ Compensation

If you’ve ever been injured at work, you know how frustrating it can be to try and figure out what your rights are. Getting workers’ compensation doesn’t need to difficult; on the contrary, getting workers’ compensation should bring you relief. If you’ve recently gotten sick or injured while working, read this guide to see what steps you should take!  

Report Your Illness or Injury

If you’ve gotten sick or injured because of your job, the first thing you need to do is report your injury or illness. Your employer will not be able to help you if he or she is never made aware of your problem. It’s best to report your problem immediately so that you can get the proper compensation in a timely manner. 

See a Medical Professional

After reporting your injury or illness to your boss, the next thing you need to do is seek medical assistance. Not only will this allow you to start healing, but it will also help you figure out the severity of your injury or illness. 
Some small injuries, like a twisted ankle, may not prohibit you from working, and in those cases you may not need to file a workers’ compensation claim. However, if you’re dealing with something more serious, such as a broken ankle, there’s a good possibility that this injury will interfere with your ability to work. 
If you’ve been injured severely enough that you will have to take some time off of work, you’ll definitely want to be compensated for the time you have to take to heal. Even if your physical symptoms aren’t severe at the time of your injury, they may still get worse. Seeing a doctor immediately after being injured or falling ill at work is the key to getting proper medical and legal assistance. 

Ask Your Supervisor About Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation laws vary from state to state. If you’ve been injured severely while at work and you think you may be eligible for workers’ compensation, it’s a good idea to double-check with your supervisor that the company you work for provides workers’ compensation. For example, in Tennessee, any employer with five or more workers must have workers’ compensation insurance, and some trades, like construction, must have coverage no matter how many people they employ. 

File a Claim

Once you’ve figured out the severity of your injury or illness and you’ve verified that the company you work for does offer workers’ compensation, you’ll need to file a workers’ compensation claim. Once you’ve filed an official claim, it becomes your employer’s responsibility to submit all the necessary paperwork to their insurance company. As long as your employer or the insurance company does not dispute your claim, your workers’ compensation will be approved. 

Fighting for Your Rights

It is possible that your employer will dispute your workers’ compensation claim in order to keep your company’s insurance rates from going up. Just because your claim gets disputed, though, does not necessarily mean you will not get workers’ compensation benefits. 
There are several ways you can boost your probability of getting benefits. One thing you can do is provide medical documentation of your injury or illness. If your doctor can prove that your condition was caused by your working conditions, it will be much harder for your employer to dispute your claim. 
If you’re really worried about your claim being disputed, consult a lawyer. Workers’ compensation lawyers are specifically trained to help people get the benefits that they deserve. Although it might cost you a bit of extra money, getting proper compensation will likely be worth the price. 
Remember, getting workers’ compensation might be a bit of a lengthy process, but that’s no reason not to fight for your rights! Some things in life are worth a little bit of extra effort. If you’ve been injured at work, seek compensation immediately. In the Jackson, TN, area, reach out to the Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Garrety, P.C.